At Associates in Building + Design, we take on any project big or small. Whether you’re looking to design a single room, renovate a section of a house or build a custom home from the ground up, we have you covered. In one of our most recent projects, we had the opportunity to help the Mills family with a custom basement and office remodel. We turned a plain office and an unused basement into the ultimate multi-function space for any working family.

In the office, we focused on contrasting colors. The dark wood used on the cabinets, desk and window frames provide a nice distinction from the cream-colored walls and blinds and the coordinating quartz countertop. Other contrasts are seen in the subtle white and gold decorations placed on the built-in shelves. The ample amount of storage space and dual workstations allows for two people to have plenty of room for office files and paperwork, while also having extra room to work! The highlight of this office area is the unique and purposeful desk. Instead of using a classic wooden desktop, we placed a cappuccino top from Pental Quartz in a T-shape that provides plenty of additional work space. Not only is this design sleek and cohesive, but it is also practical and easy to clean!

The second area we renovated was the basement. This finished basement now includes a dining area, small seating section, kitchenette, in-home gym and bathroom. We kept certain features similar throughout the basement and the office to ensure a unifying and flowing feeling. The cabinets, baseboards, frames and other accents in the basement feature the same deep, dark brown wood placed in the office.

In the kitchenette and sitting area, we used pops of bright colors such as orange and yellow to accent the dark stain, while unique lighting adds variation into each room. The basement also features several abstract paintings. The frames feature a dark wood that matches the furniture, while the paintings have pops of warm color to tie in the bright decorations found around the basement.

The gym area is perfect for any type of workout. Whether you’re looking to get in some cardio, lift weights, box, practice yoga or follow along with a guided video, this gym has it all. The kitchenette and bathroom in the basement also allow for any pre-workout prepping or post-gym clean up and grooming. Now, trips to the gym are as easy as going downstairs!

Before the Mills family moved in, the basement was made into a movie theater with places for candy, popcorn and rows of seats. The Mills tried to make it work with their family needs, but decided the space could be better used in a different way. That’s when they decided to call the professionals at ABD. We were thrilled to help the family turn their space into a convenient and stylish multi-purpose area in this custom basement and office remodel project. Below are pictures of the basement before we worked our magic!

The key to our success in design is creating beautiful spaces to serve as a haven in any household, while also ensuring every room has a function and a purpose.

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