We see design trends come and go all the time. Every once in a while, certain trends make a comeback. Whether it’s in a retro fashion, or a new take on an old concept, design trends don’t always disappear forever. One old trend we see being used more and more with a modern twist is brass fixtures. The sleek, elegant color of brass is great all around the house. At Associates in Building + Design, we especially love using fixtures fixtures in home renovations and remodels this fall season.

Brass Bathroom Fixtures

One way to incorporate brass fixtures into your home is in the bathroom! You can use these fixtures on the faucets, lights, mirror frames and other accents like hand towel bars. Instead of overwhelming the room with this bold color, we recommend using bronze on just a few accents in the bathroom. Use it sparingly to help it pop! When using brass fixtures in your custom bathroom, pick your favorite spots to incorporate the bold feature without consuming the space. We also recommend pairing it with a dark color such as navy by using towels, rugs or small decorations.

Brass Fixtures

Brass Fixtures in the Kitchen

Another way to incorporate brass fixtures is in the kitchen! One unique way to add brass to a custom home is in the faucet and sink drain paired it with a black basin. The contrast between the black and brass creates a clean, modern look. We recommend keeping it simple when using these fixtures with black accents. The contrast created is all you need – don’t overpower the area with too many colors!

Brass Lighting Fixtures

Brass fixtures don’t need to be regulated to just the bathrooms and kitchens. You can also add in a subtle brass accent in the living room! By placing a brass light fixture in the center of the room, you can help tie everything together. We recommend pairing the brass lighting fixtures with shades of brown. Use browns used throughout the room in the form of dark wood end tables or light tan couches. This will help the brass fixture bring all the colors in a living room together with a central focal point.

Brass Fixtures

It’s hard to keep up with all the latest design trends. With new design influences coming and going every season, staying up-to-date can be almost impossible. That’s why at Associates in Building + Design, we keep track of the latest trends for you! When you choose to build or renovate with the experts at ABD, we ensure your home will have the latest and greatest in design. For more design trend tips, visit our website at www.abd-ltd.com. You can also find inspiration on our Pinterest page!