At Associates in Building + Design, we love helping our clients create their custom designed home. Specializing in interior design, we always need to make sure we are staying up-to-date on the latest design trends. One popular trend we have seen recently is patterns! Say goodbye to boring neutral tones and hello to modern, playful patterns. To give you a better idea of how to upgrade your interior design game while also ensuring your home stays classy and welcoming, we came up with a few tips on how to incorporate unique patterns into any room.




The Moroccan trellis pattern is popping up in homes everywhere, and it’s no secret why. This functional, modern pattern is similar to the more well-known quatrefoil pattern and it can be placed in almost any room, giving your home an elevated look. For kitchens and bathrooms, consider adding a backsplash with a Moroccan trellis pattern. You can use a clean, white color to create a unifying and sophisticated look throughout the room, just like this Pinterest post shows.

In living and dining rooms, you can find a variety of items that use this popular pattern from rugs and curtains, to tablecloths and wall art. We suggest only using one or two decorations containing this pattern in a single area. Trying to add too many pieces with the same design can make a room look overcrowded and gauche.Moroccan pattern custom home design



Another pattern we have noticed rising in popularity is herringbone. This simple rectangular pattern is a great way to elevate any room without redoing the entire area. Because of the pattern’s clean cohesion, it pairs well with many different colors and decorations! One of our favorite uses of this pattern is in the bathroom. Whether it is incorporated into the shower, used as a fun wall pattern, or placed onto the floor as tiling, we love this trend! Take a look at this Pinterest post to see how a simple but beautiful herringbone pattern was used to turn a plain bathroom into an elegant custom design feature. Other places to use this pattern include a kitchen backsplash, as tile around your fireplace or as accent brickwork on the exterior of your home.herringbone pattern custom home design

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