Mark DeinesSince joining the Associates in Building + Design team just over a year ago, Project Consultant Mark Deines has a knack for keeping the renovation process here at ABD right on track.

A Colorado native, Mark grew up in the small farm and ranch community of Wray, Colorado. He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Colorado State University and has worked in sales for 38 years.

As a Project Consultant, Mark works with clients who want to renovate and redesign their homes. Some of his day-to-day activities involve meeting with potential clients and consulting with them on what they would like to do with their homes.

Once the clients have agreed to a project, Mark conducts an “In-House Pre-Construction” meeting along with the Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Interior Designer and Controller. This meeting makes sure that everyone involved with the project is on the same page and work can begin smoothly, and that the ball stays rolling during the project. Mark likes to drop by a few times to see the progress being done on the home. He also touches base with the clients to make sure they feel the project is going well.

Seeing the transformation of a home is Mark’s favorite part of his job. He loves the creative aspect of taking something old, outdated or not functional and working to create spaces that meet the needs of the client. Mark loves to see the finished project to see first-hand how everything turned out. He particularly loves hearing how much the clients love their new surroundings.

In his free time, Mark loves to go on local adventures with his wife Kori, and they both love to travel whenever they can.

Mark can be reached at For more information about Associates in Building + Design and our services, visit