Meredith Parrish, interior designerAfter developing a passion for interior design as a child, Lead Interior Designer Meredith Parrish chose to pursue a career in social work due to her love of working with people and her desire to help make a difference in people’s lives. However, after entering the workforce, she realized that her need to work with people in a creative capacity from her career was missing. So, she went back to school and received her B.A. in Interior Design from Colorado State University in 2006, which she describes as one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

After completing her education, Meredith spent six years working for a residential design firm learning from a very talented designer who had a tremendous amount of expertise. Later, she moved to Montana, where she worked for an award-winning architecture firm designing luxury mountain homes. Meredith moved back to Colorado to have her son, but during that time, she kept herself active in her career by consulting on fix and flips for a local investor, and also continued her education by taking classes with the NKBA.

Now, with 11 years of experience in the design industry, Meredith brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. She has worked on a variety of projects in a vast range of budgets and design styles, and she has extensive experience with tile design, space planning and furnishings. She continues to grow and learn, and she stays on top of the latest design trends by visiting show homes and reading design magazines.

Meredith says that every day in the design world is different, and her “typical day” may include visiting job sites, spending time in the materials library selecting finishes, brainstorming with the design team, meeting clients or doing 3D design renderings for kitchen and bath layouts. However, she’s quick to point out that much of the designing job isn’t as glamourous as it appears on TV. In addition to the fun and creative aspects of her job, she spends a lot of time doing things like pricing and ordering materials, documenting selections, calculating material quantities, coordinating and scheduling, arranging deliveries and researching the latest design trends and products.

Meredith’s background in social work is reflected in her ability to truly listen to her client’s needs and wants. She interprets their words into a compelling vision by creating a home that ‘feels right’ to the client, and she approaches each new project with the same level of enthusiasm and passion. When asked to describe the interior design process, she says it all starts and ends with the client. Our team is working on their home to help them create their dream, and it’s the clients vision that we carry out. Meredith says that one of her primary duties throughout the process is to listen – what the clients wants and needs are, what their budget is, and more. The client is heavily involved throughout the process, from being able to approve the layout and design concept to selecting finishes for their home. Throughout the entire process, the ABD team, including Meredith, stays in regular communication with the client so that there are no mysteries.

When asked what her favorite part of the design process is, Meredith says it’s the finished product and the smile it brings to our client’s faces when they see it for the first time. “It is such a rewarding feeling to know that a client is happy with the result of working together and that they get to enjoy their new space daily,” said Meredith. In addition, she enjoys the fact that every project is unique and poses its own set of challenges and rewards.

Meredith says that her favorite thing about working at ABD is that our team works collaboratively together, and enjoys doing so. She loves that if she has a question, she can go to a multitude of team members to quickly get input, and can also easily get another designer when she needs an extra set of eyes on a design selection. Each member of our ABD team brings a unique background and work experience to the table that together, as a team, makes ABD stronger.

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