Paul CoussinsPaul has long been accustomed to the construction management lifestyle. He began his journey in Northern Colorado doing warranty management for a year-and-a-half before joining the Associates in Building and Design team as a carpenter in January 2019.

Management skills come naturally to Paul, and being in the Army for over 7 years taught him all he needed to know to be a strong and successful leader. He thoroughly enjoys construction and helping others, and through his position at ABD, he can be a part of making other’s lives better by improving the place they live or details around them.

Paul’s day-to-day activities leave no time for dull moments, which is one of the compelling reasons why he enjoys his job so much. From doing demo and framing to job to job deliveries, each day is different in Paul’s position, but it keeps the job exciting and interesting!

ABD immediately felt like home to Paul. From the moment he became an employee, he felt that he had a mini family within the company. In many large corporations, you can easily work day in and day out with your coworkers without truly knowing them. But, at ABD, everything is family-oriented, and employees genuinely get to know and help one another.

The most rewarding aspect of Paul’s job is when the final project is completed, and the customers are able to see the finished product. Seeing everything come together and the customer’s happiness and relief makes it worth every second of the work. At the end of the day, the goal is to provide the best product and service to the client.

When Paul is not on the field, he can most likely be found outside with his son. The two of them are avid mountain bikers, rock climbers, campers and baseball fanatics. Paul coaches as a volunteer baseball coach during his free time. ABD is overjoyed to have someone as hands-on and marvelous as Paul!

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