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A Convenient Addition to Your Home: The Butler's Pantry

A Convenient Addition to Your Home: The Butler’s Pantry

By Associates in Building + Design
Published July 11, 2018

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Butler's PantryNo longer under lock and key, the butler’s pantry has come a long way from its original purpose of keeping one’s silver safe. With a renewed interest in the Victoria Era, modern homes are now featuring butler’s pantries that are usually located off the kitchen or between the kitchen and the formal dining room. However, the location, size and style depend on how you plan to use your new butler’s pantry. Our ABD team is seeing butler’s pantries used for three different tasks; storage, entertainment and prep areas.

Storage and Display

The most traditional use for butler’s pantries was for storage. When it comes to extra kitchen supplies such as cookware, linens or holiday serving dishes, a butler pantry can be a highly appropriate storage and display space. A small butler’s pantry with cabinets and counter space will give adequate and private storage without taking up much room. A butler’s pantry can also be used for display with glass cabinets.

Some homeowners are using the space to store pet food, toys, and medications. The extra storage can be appealing, regardless of how it is used.  There can never be enough room in the kitchen. The butler’s pantry can be the ideal spot for storing fancy dinnerware and linens.


Between parents, siblings, extended family members and guests, a butler’s pantry can serve a much larger purpose than just storage. Depending on your lifestyle, your butler’s pantry can double as a bar, a self-serve station, or an extra washing station. A wet bar in your butler’s pantry will make it a perfect place to prepare drinks for an evening with friends. You can have all your ingredients and an ice machine right within reach and not in the way of the meal prep in the kitchen.

Prep Area Butler's Pantry

If located adjacent to the dining room or other entertaining space, a butler’s pantry allows the host to prep for meals without having to go into the kitchen. Prepare drinks, wash out glasses and even refill the appetizers without having to head back into the kitchen. Many larger butler’s pantries have sinks, dishwashers and wine coolers, all of which help to prep, serve and clean much easier. The extra countertop space and cabinets are ideal for meal prep!

In recent renovations and custom homes, we have helped clients restore old butler’s pantries and even build an entire new pantry for their kitchen.  If you’re looking for a little something extra in your kitchen, adding a butler’s pantry is a perfect choice.  Contact us at for more information.