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ABD Captures the Vision of a Client

ABD Captures the Vision of a Client

By Associates in Building + Design
Published August 7, 2017

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Rose ManorWhen the owners of Rose Manor approached us to remodel their kitchen and an upstairs bathroom, we knew we were in for an adventure. This Tudor style home in Greeley, Colorado needed some modernization, but the owners also wanted to maintain an English manor feel and historical charm.

The home acts as a venue for medieval reenactments, with period clothing and food. In the kitchen, the owners want the look of an English manor, but with modern conveniences that will make the cooking space more amenable to meal preparation for large groups. A designer with our team at ABD states, “The owners have been great to work with and know their vision.  They host many events so the kitchen update is to create better flow and increase the prep space, and a better range for cooking.”

Centering the project within history helps us to understand the economics of cooking and the place of entertaining that came before us. Kitchens were not used like they are today. They were traditionally hot, dark and messy and not the domain of the lords of the manor. Nowadays, we congregate in our kitchens as much as we might in living rooms. The design and use of kitchens followed economic and political trends. In the mid 1800s, kitchens were solely for cooking and were where cooks prepared several course meals. Each course took an hour to eat, and dinner parties could last for hours.

As politics and economies changed, and as English manors went the way of the horse and carriage, the role of kitchens changed. Over the last 100 years, kitchens have become gather places, and a focal point of the home with modern updates intended to reduce labor and time. These changes came quickly in the 1900s and sped the shift in design and function.

In the upper story of the home a bathroom is in need of an update as well. Because this is a private section of the home, and because the owners have a keen interest in historical appearances, they have chosen an Art Deco theme, from America’s 1920s. A shower needing complete overhaul necessitated the work, and again, we are happy to listen to our client’s vision.

Rose Manor wants to operate in the modern world with an eye toward historic celebrations. The home, in Greeley, is surrounded by a wealth of restaurants, parks and events. The town hosts people of all walks of life and interests, and offers these disparate tastes access museums and local art, top-notch health care and great schools. Rose Manor is a historical rose among many modern bouquets.  We look forward to seeing how the remodel turns out.

Our clients are varied and particular. We pride ourselves on listening to them and bringing those ideas to life. To learn about what we can do for you, contact us today at 970-225-2323.