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ABD Founder Gets Unique Start in Building Industry - Associates in Building + Design, Ltd.

ABD Founder Gets Unique Start in Building Industry

By Associates in Building + Design
Published August 1, 2016

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Bob Peterson, founder, owner and president of Associates in Building and Design, has quite a unique background that ushered him into the building industry. As a native of Colorado, Bob grew up on a ranch that was managed and run entirely by his family; they didn’t hire anyone to do any work needed. Instead, they did it all themselves.

Bob PetersonSo it came as no surprise that when Bob’s parents decided it was time for his older sister to have her own room independent of her three younger brothers, that Bob and his father would manage the addition on their own. The family decided to expand their two bedroom home to include a master bedroom, additional bathroom and office space.

At just 14 years old, Bob helped his dad through this entire process. Together, they poured the concrete foundation for the addition and went to town to get lumber. Once all of building materials and project plans were in place, Bob’s father handed him the reins of the project so he could continue work around the farm while Bob was building.

Bob successfully completed the project, and the farmhouse, including the addition, is still standing today. In fact, Bob’s family members took a picture of the old farmhouse and it is now blown up to gigantic proportion and is a fantastic conversation piece in his family’s dining room.

Since then, Bob has spent more than 35 years in the building industry. With a bachelors and masters degree from University of Northern Colorado and a multitude of professional designations, Bob has spent much of his time growing both his company and his industry. Learn more about Bob’s professional life by reading his bio on the ABD website here.

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