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ABD Owner Creates His Own Backyard Paradise

ABD Owner Creates His Own Backyard Paradise

By Associates in Building + Design
Published November 19, 2018

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Backyard ParadiseIf you’re a current resident of Fort Collins, you are pleasantly familiar with the primary benefit of living in this beautiful region. Whether it’s a comfortable 70 degrees outside or a freezing 30, nothing beats the privilege of having a gorgeous view of the sun setting behind the Rocky Mountains. The front yard may be the showpiece of your landscape, but the backyard is all your own, a sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining and play, and it’s the perfect spot for enjoying Colorado’s awe-inspiring views.

According to Realtor Magazine, the creation of outdoor living spaces is one of the greatest trends in homeownership in 2018. Your outdoor living area increases your livable space, expands your entertainment options, adds value to your home and allows you to connect with your natural surroundings. Recently, ABD Founder and President Bob Peterson conducted a remodel of his own backyard area. Take a look at how our remodeling pros partnered with a landscaping company to take the space from an average backyard to a breathtaking hideaway.

Outdoor PergolaBackyard Paradise

When you add a pergola to your backyard, you are essentially adding a room without walls. Bob added a giant pergola that extended the outdoor living area far beyond the original deck with dining table. Designed to be multifunctional, the pergola provides a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the sun and shade year-round, and it’s the perfect staging area to entertain. This large pergola features a sturdy stone base that ties in with the exterior of the home, and it creates a cozy yet airy outdoor living room complete with comfortable lounge furniture around a fireplace, as well as plenty of room for cooking outside with a large grill. It also offers multiple access points to the surrounding property.


There are plentiful outdoor fireplace options for your backyard in Fort Collins. Bob chose to put a built-in fireplace in a cozy corner under the pergola. Built using the same stone as the base of the pergola and the base of the home, the oversized wood-burning fireplace is a comfortable barrier that blocks winter wind while also allowing for privacy. It also creates a dramatic yet cozy ambiance to enjoy the outdoor living space on cool fall evenings, and it becomes the perfect spot for staying toasty while enjoying the crisp winter air and basking in the beauty of the snow-covered evergreens in the backyard.

Careful LandscapingBackyard Paradise

A well-landscaped yard surrounding a beautiful home not only creates an appealing sight but also allows you to feel even more at home. To really make this backyard feel like its own secluded paradise, Bob added relaxing greenery in the form of large evergreens and trees, colorful flowering bushes and other local plants, while large rocks reminiscent of the surrounding Rockies dot the landscape. A raised garden sits just steps from the pergola and includes a separate seating area, while all of the landscaped areas feature beds of river rock, improving moisture absorption and dispersion. Low iron fencing around the property provides privacy and adds a visual boundary along property lines, but its low, unobtrusive design doesn’t distract from the surrounding views.

Backyard ParadiseWell-Traveled Paths

A backyard walkway not only allows easy access to the various spaces of your yard but also adds life and mystery to a typical yard. Bob made it a point to add walkways to connect the many different elements found throughout his property. As you meander around each corner to see more flagstone paths extending away from you, you can’t help but wonder what neat feature you’ll find around the next turn!

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