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Employee Profile: Alison Johnson, Production Coordinator

Employee Profile: Alison Johnson, Production Coordinator

By Associates in Building + Design
Published April 27, 2016

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Alison JohnsonFrom a young age, wife and mother-of-three Alison Johnson has always had an affinity for creating things from scratch, which she attributes to her passion for building and design. As the youngest daughter of Associate in Building + Design’s Owner and Founder Bob Peterson, she has had her fair share of experience working with the organization throughout her time in college. After getting an introduction to the industry in her early twenties, Alison became a permanent member of the ABD team in January 2014 as the production coordinator.

Each day at ABD for Alison is filled with similar, but unique experiences. In addition to her natural ability to lighten the mood in the office, you can typically find Alison handling construction material orders and permits, contacting trade partners and collaborating with the sales team and designers for project buyouts. As the production coordinator, she works directly with the project managers on each of their tasks to facilitate communication during assignments from start to finish.

In the fast-paced office environment, Alison is often exposed to the hectic side of design and building, but she contributes her positive attitude to working alongside her father and older sister, Heather Schreiner, ABD’s sales and marketing coordinator. Alison takes pride in client satisfaction and playing a role in the transformation of lifelong plans into tangible displays of effective design, and working toward this goal of happy customers with beautiful homes motivates her each day.“I like working and feeling that I am contributing to something bigger – people’s dreams,” she said.

When Alison is not in the office, she stays busy cheering on her three children as they participate in various activities and spending time with her husband.

Alison can be reached at For more information about Associates in Building + Design or our services, visit