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Let Your Tile Choice Tell a Story

Let Your Tile Choice Tell a Story

By Associates in Building + Design
Published August 17, 2017

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Tile nicheIn days long gone, tile in homes was utilitarian. We expected to see tile in a bathroom or a kitchen, and we were limited to basic colors, shapes and styles. It was a standard, an afterthought, a basic underpinning that was overlooked for bigger, more obvious styling choices. Those days are long gone, thankfully, and tile now can unite the look of the room, or home, in more ways than we ever imagined.

Not only do we have a wealth of size, color, texture and design options, but we are also seeing some emerging trends in tile that our designers consider when building or remodeling for our clients. Consider first that tile doesn’t have to say on the bathroom floor or as a kitchen backsplash. We are starting to see tile in utility rooms, mudrooms, foyers and more. It can add a dramatic flourish or a small pop of color. We are thinking outside the bathroom when it comes to styling with tile. Below are just some of the tile trends we love.

Using color to set a tone or paint a picture: We’re seeing a gorgeous retro trend using pale pink and green in baths with bright and shiny finishes that call to mind mid-century décor for a fresh take on vintage. Black tile used to serve as a contrast, but we’ve seen great all-black tiled walls that make a bold statement. Multiple tile colors can make wonderful mosaics, floral designs or other graphic stories.

Mixing and matching for fun cohesiveness: Starting with a unified palette, like similar tones of one color, choose a few shapes and sizes of tile to make a visual impact around a window.  Rather than installing rectangular tile in traditional parallel lines, consider installing at an angle, or using a basket weave pattern to add interest.sink

Inside/Out: There are some fantastic tile options now that work inside and outside the house, and can make for a beautiful and seamless transition. Using thicker pavers in a kitchen and continuing that look onto the patio extends a room beyond the exterior walls and tricks the eye. Wood, concrete or terra cotta tiles would be great for this application.

Industrial revolution: We’re also seeing amazing metal hued tiles for an industrial look that does well in any kind of home, from traditional to modern. Tiny, copper penny tiles strike a vibrant tone while gun metal or pewter accents bring modern bling to any room. Big or small, these faux finished tiles make a unique statement with the easy of care that tile brings.

Tile isn’t just for the bathroom anymore, and the choices we have now are truly endless. We would love to help you craft a tile vision in your new or remodeled home. Contact us to learn more.