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Midtown Girl Garage Renovation | Ft. Collins

Midtown Girl Garage Renovation

By Associates in Building + Design
Published April 20, 2017

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PatioFort Collins has a pleasantly different pace to offer from the everyday sea of tourists, traffic and concrete. This charming town gets its special energy from Colorado State University, a historic downtown and the natural beauty visible around every corner. As many students venture here for college, quite a few end up calling this town home. One student in particular, Amanda Miller, made this quiet, convenient town her forever home after college. It isn’t just the peacefulness and the fact that it’s the craft beer capital, “It’s the people, businesses and community spirit that are my favorite,” states Miller.

For Amanda Miller, it all started with a friend who happened to be a designer at the time with ABD. In 1998, Miller moved to Fort Collins to attend the university, and in 2008 she moved into her South College Heights home. Before moving in, she conducted a few projects of her own which included the kitchen floor and counters. “The home had a great floor plan and was so well-cared for by the previous owners.” After gaining inspiration from Pinterest, travel and home improvement shows, Miller chose ABD to help get started on the big projects she had in mind. She organized her design vision and chose to renovate three rooms of her home: the master bathroom, garage and basement, with an addition to the dining room.

Originally built in 1964, this lovely home represented the true small-town, Fort Collins character. Miller stated, “Even though I’ve remodeled space by space, even building on an addition in the back, I’ve kept items in each room that recognize and respect the home’s history.”  In an interview with Northern Colorado Speaks, she went on to explain, “I think it’s important to add your own touch to make a house your home. I’ve had a lot of fun over the past eight years! Now, each space reflects my style and the things I love.”Master collage

Amanda is the owner and operator of The Place Setting Company, and with a busy schedule, all of these renovations took some time. The most dramatic change happened last, the girl garage. Her goals for the garage were to maintain functionality, but to also have a room for every Colorado season. The space started as a typical garage with no insulation or drywall, it was simply meant for parking and small amounts of storage. This long, blank slate didn’t offer much, but Miller’s creative vision saw a room that could flourish.  “Working with the team at ABD, we discussed opportunities and limitations,” Miller stated. “We started with simple items like drywall and floor finish options. Then, we worked to design the cabinetry and finished with special items like the fan and bench cushion.”  Inspired by Amanda’s Pinterest board, our team found statement pieces like a windmill fan and hexagon tiles to add even  more character to the home.

Miller’s innovative visions didn’t stop once the new eye-catching functionalities were added to the garage. The unique pieces, such as a Miller light, motivated her for more changes. Miller wanted a room that everyone would want to spend summer in. Therefore, our team worked with her to add a garage door screen, a bar window into the backyard and a bright shed mural to capture the attention of anyone and everyone who entered this relaxing environment.

miller lightEven though this girl garage is a complete renovation worth bragging about, Miller states that no room in particular is her favorite room. “I love each space! Every room now represents me and my style.  I love that the basement is no longer dark and dingy.  The addition of the dining room completely changed the entire feel of the whole home, bringing light into the kitchen and expanding the living space.  My bathroom is gorgeous and reminds me of a trip to Portugal.  And the garage is now a multi-functional space that allows me to extend the kitchen, park my car, store all the garage necessities and host gatherings.”

When asked about our team, Miller couldn’t have given us any better compliments. “They’re great people with a welcoming and professional office environment. I loved working with the entire team at ABD. They listened to what I wanted, helped create a plan that fit my wish list and got it done! I love my home and appreciate their craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.” Miller went on to say, “I enjoyed working with Ron as the project manager for each project. He was great at helping me understand the process and timeline, while ensuring my home and dogs were always safe.”

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