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Outdoor Trends for 2018

Outdoor Trends for 2018

By Associates in Building + Design
Published April 12, 2018

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ABD outdoor trendsOutdoor living no longer means a few lounge chairs scattered on a brick patio or some rocking chairs lined up across your front porch.  Outdoor living has become an additional “room” for your home.  Homeowners want the same amount of comfort and convenience from their porches and decks as they do their living rooms. Below are the trends we’re seeing for outdoor living this year.

Living Room-Worth Furniture

The first step to creating a comfortable outdoor living space is furnishing it with comfortable and attractive furniture. While it might be tempting to buy an inexpensive set of outdoor furniture at your local home improvement store, this kind of decision-making will end up wasting both time and money. If you think of your outdoor space as just as much a part of your home as your living room, it seems less wise to go for a fast fix.

Color and Texture

One of the biggest trends stemming back from 2017 is color and texture. The renewed focus on high-quality outdoor furniture has also boosted the selections and combinations of outdoor fabrics that homeowners and designers are using. Outdoor design often takes inspiration from nature and many homeowners base their colors on the surrounding area. Color blocking or the use of two or three contrasting blocks of color to create bold focal points is a great way to enhance the look and feel of an outdoor area.

Flooring Fit for Your Feet

Who wants to wear shoes when you’re enjoying the outdoors? Timber flooring is seeing a rise this year for that very reason. Timber can fit any design aesthetic and can be left to weather or kept vibrant depending on the taste and available time for maintenance.  Artificial grass is also trending for outdoor living spaces. This flooring gives you the look and feel of grass without the maintenance.

Fire Features ABD outdoor fire feature

Whether located on a porch or outside on a patio, fire features in Colorado are a must. Over the past year, consumer demand for fire pits hit an all-time high. These features are increasingly being seen by homeowners as an essential and an expectation.

When homeowners think of adding fire pits to their outdoor living areas, they usually associate this backyard centerpiece with summer evenings. A fire pit offers relaxation and a chance to enjoy the nature that surrounds you, but it can be used for every Fort Collins season. Fire pits and fireplaces can create a dramatic and cozy ambiance to enjoy a summer barbecue or cut the chill of a fall evening.

Shade and Ceiling Fans

A covered patio adds appeal to your home, but also provides a series of enhancements that will allow you to extend the season. A common advantage of having a shaded patio is that it’s a place to relax. It lets us enjoy the fresh air without getting soaked by the rain or beaten by the sun.  In the warmer months, the covered area is necessary for comfort.

If you are looking to expand your entertainment space this summer, contact us today to discuss the many options available. We work with homeowners to help create and build an outdoor area that will serve a purpose all year long and that stay in trend!  At Associates in Building + Design, we have the experience necessary to transform your backyard into the outdoor living space of your dreams. Contact our professionals today or visit to see a gallery of our work.