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Products That are Making Waves in Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

Products That are Making Waves in Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

By Associates in Building + Design
Published March 18, 2019

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ABD Kitchen and BathroomAs a custom home builder and remodeling company in Fort Collins, we know that identifying the latest trends in home design is one thing that we absolutely have to do in order to ensure our business stays relevant and successful. After all, would you want our team at ABD to remodel your home if our showroom only displayed trends from the 1980s? While some 80’s trends are definitely coming back into home designs, today’s savvy homeowners also want the latest and the greatest displayed throughout their homes.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), bathrooms recently overtook kitchens as the most popular remodeling project. In 2016, the most recent year for which the NAHB has data, 81 percent of remodelers said kitchens were their most common renovation, while bathrooms were a close second at 80 percent. Whole-house re-dos were the third most common and room additions, such as the addition of a master bedroom, came in fourth. In 2017, kitchens continued to hold top spot but as 2018 slowly came to an end, bathroom remodeling took lead and shows no sign of letting go.

Today’s homeowners are eagerly tearing down walls, shipping countertops in from overseas, and creating kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms with lights and appliances that can be controlled by voice command. There are even shower heads that can be preset to recognize you, your spouse, your kids, and guests!

Into just a few months of 2019, our team has had the opportunity to attend amazing conferences and venues that give us an exclusive look at new collections and trends. Below are a few of our favorite trends for bathroom and kitchen projects.

Bathrooms of the Future

As a global leader in kitchen and bath design with over 145 years of industry-leading experience, Kohler is a household name. It’s also a brand our team is proud to use on all custom home or remodeling projects. When it comes to bathrooms, one common problem for all customer’s is the shower. Whether it’s unorganized, cluttered, or just imperfect for the homeowners, the shower is where it all begins.

One product recently added to our showroom are the Kohler Choreograph shower and tub wall panels. The Choreograph collection is a comprehensive shower system that allows a home owner to design a shower around their needs. The shower walls come in a range of colors, patterns and textures to match their personal style. Aside from complete customization and functionality, this collection also provides easy installation and easy cleaning, plus there are tons of accessories available in a wide range of finishes.

ABD Panels

When it comes to wellbeing and mindfulness, bathroom design is moving away from a simple clinical space and becoming a more prominent feature in the house. This year, new advancements in water methods are promoting wellness by creating a relaxing showering experience that engages the senses.

Kohler’s shower spray technology is making waves in bathrooms. Whether it’s providing an experience of overall coverage and excellent rinsing – such as rain showers and dual sprays or relaxing your muscles with a hydromassage, there’s a little something for everyone. Many of our clients are also taking their shower to the next level by adding one or more sensory experiences. Wireless speakers, steam, overhead shower panels that feature Chromatherapy lighting, and so much more are being calculated into home budgets.

ABD shower

Double Time in the Kitchen

Quartz countertops, slick backsplashes and higher-end appliances are in vogue, as are shades of white, black matte and open-concept spaces. Coming in hot this year are the seamless looks of induction cooktops and side-by-side ovens with a cooktop above. The induction cooktop is a relatively new concept not seen in many Fort Hollins homes – yet! It is quickly becoming accepted as a useful, energy-efficient method of preparing food. The cooktops provide a number of benefits: safety, precise cooking temperatures, fast, efficient and easy to clean. Plus, it boils water in a matter of seconds!

ABD double oven

A side-by-side double oven offers homeowners more flexibility when cooking. Another advantage of having a double oven is that you have everything together and all your food comes out hot at the same time! Plus, it gives you plenty of ideas for the rest of the kitchen décor and arrangement as well.

Constructing or Remodeling Your Fort Collins Home

Whether you’re in the market for a custom home or looking to remodel your home in Fort Collins, we make sure we’re on top of the current trends. It helps that our clients are savvier than ever when it comes to knowing what they want. Thanks to home renovation shows, homeowners have all sorts of ideas about how their humble abodes should look, while websites like Pinterest and Houzz have made it much easier to refine their interior design tastes.

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