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Providing Fido a Custom Dog Washing Station

Providing Fido a Custom Dog Washing Station

By Associates in Building + Design
Published March 1, 2018

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Dog Washing StationIf you’ve ever had to wrestle a dog into a bathtub or chase it around the yard to give it a scrub down, you know it can be quite the ordeal. Wrestling a squirming or unhappy dog, maneuvering the hose, managing to actually bath the dog and then trying to keep them from escaping soaking wet or shaking wet fur everywhere – we’re exhausted just thinking about it!

The solution? A dog washing station built into the design of your home makes the process a lot easier. Builder Magazine reports that because 60 million U.S. households have a dog, architects, designers, builders, and remodelers are now adding practical and luxurious dog-friendly options to their home. That statistic is holding true for one of our Fort Collins clients!

Our ABD team is currently in the process of building a dog washing station in a mudroom that will be envious by all. This 12-foot by 14-foot combination mudroom and laundry room will feature a 24-inch by 36-inch dog bathing station that will consist of a standard mop sink base. The thick material and high sides will keep the dog from being entirely submerged in the water while making it difficult for Fido to bolt. And, we’re even installing hooks anchored into the studs to allow for leads when necessary.

A mudroom is an ideal place for a pet-washing station for a variety of reasons. The first advantage is that there’s a good chance the plumbing is already in place. Adding a pet washing station is very similar to putting in any other shower or tub. Other handy features include a flexible handheld showerhead and a storage area for supplies. The American Kennel Club notes that dogs can be fearful of slippery surfaces, so it recommends a rubber mat in the tub and a nonslip rug on the floor.

If you’re planning a dog-washing station in your home, there a few more tips to keep in mind when choosing the location.

· Whichever room you choose to have the washing station, make sure the floor and walls are waterproof.

· Choose a large drain on the station. The drain has to handle not only water but hair, so you need a bigger drain and a hair filter over the drain.

With a dog washing station currently in the design process, we cannot wait to provide updated pictures! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram profile to see complete photos once the project is done. If you’re thinking of adding this popular feature to your home, visit us online at and let’s see what we can do for you!