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Remodelers 20 Club: NAHB’s Best-Kept Secrets

Remodelers 20 Club: NAHB’s Best-Kept Secrets

By Associates in Building + Design
Published November 27, 2018

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Remodelers 20 ClubA 20 Club is the most profitable experience that you can have for your business, due to the peer review that it allows. Many home builders, remodelers and industry leaders will admit that a 20 club is one of the most important decisions they made to advance not only their career but their business. Recently, ABD’s team, Bob Peterson, Heather Schreiner, and Alison Johnson traveled to Portland, Oregon to attend the Remodelers 20 Club where they had time to really sit down and analyze the company as a whole and reflect on this year’s goals as well as next year’s goals.

A 20 Club is composed of 20 non-competing individuals within the same industry that come together to build a system that will help with the ups-and-downs of business. Ask yourself if you would ever bounce that great $10,000 idea of yours with your local competitor. You probably wouldn’t, but with your fellow 20 Club members, you would. Even more, your fellow members also share their $10,000 ideas with you. “The amount of information we receive from other remodelers who have years of experience comes with no dollar value,” states Schreiner. “Every member gains so much knowledge that can help grow their company. You could never have this knowledge without the 20 Club.”

The recent Remodeler’s 20 Club meeting focused on project management and the best practices to work through industry-related problems. In addition to helping find valuable resources for the upcoming year, our team also met with companies and sponsors such as Thermador, Bosch, Jeld Wen, 86 Lumber, Gagginau and more who all gave presentations on new lines launching this fall. Schreiner mentions that there will be a re-launching of items such as large 48” cooktop and range stoves with gas and induction burners. While at the meeting, Schreiner also met with new window and railing companies about what’s new for the upcoming year.

“At the Remodeler’s 20 Club each person is there to talk about business; what’s going good and what’s not,” states Schreiner. “We all get advice and give advice on how to increase margins and lower cost, how to improve clients experience and how to enjoy business more. It’s really about survival.” Every Remodeler’s 20 Club meeting is designed so that members come away with something that makes their company more profitable. It’s a small group of people who are boldly honest and specific and who are dealing with the same issues you are. “In our 20 club, you’re forced to look at the business side of things and work on it rather than in it,” said Schreiner. “This club is truly meant for anyone who cares about improving their business and improving themselves professionally.”

If you’re ready to get a true understanding of the business side of your company, consider joining a 20 Club – after all, it is the best-kept secret of the NAHB! Learn more about our team and how we strive to improve ourselves, our business and our client’s experiences at