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Rustic Home Makeover

Rustic Home Makeover

By Associates in Building + Design
Published May 8, 2018

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At ABD, we love a good makeover! When our clients from Westminster called our team to create a charming, rustic space, we were thrilled to take on the job! There are several elements that make a home truly rustic such as an old-school charm, rugged and natural beauty and, of course, a rustic setting. A setting close to nature makes for the perfect rustic home makeover. This home is nestled along the Rockies in Westminister with a breathtaking view of the Flatirons in Boulder, where there is a perfect blend of city and suburbs. Below are other elements our team added to give this home the makeover it deserved.

Natural Elements

rustic home makeover

One of the most important components of rustic style is the raw natural materials used in architecture. The wood and stone are accents that mimic nature that give this kitchen an eye-catching appeal.

Welcoming fireplace

rustic home fireplace

A rustic styled home is incomplete without a warm, inviting fireplace. This fireplace is made of heavy, natural elements such as brick and stone and the thick wooden mantel is ideal for the rustic family room. The owners sourced the fireplace and cooktop mantle themselves for jus the right touch.

Pale Greige Walls

Rustic Home walls

Pale greige provides an excellent blank canvas to work some rustic décor magic. Pale greige walls are bright, cheerful and incredibly versatile in helping to create a fresh rustic feeling.

Wooden beamed ceilings

Rustic Home wood beams

Wood beams on the ceiling are evocative of nature at its finest. Often, ceiling beams are large, chunky beams that are an excellent reminder of the great outdoors. The one’s pictures here are smaller than normal but still, bring a natural feel to the room. These are made of local show fence material recycled to use in many local applications.

Large, chunky pieces

rustic home light

Rustic style tends to favor the masculine, hearty side of décor. Dainty, feminine pieces will get lost and feel out of place within a rustic styled space.

Non-painted wood

rustic home bar

Rustic style embraces the natural state of furniture and decor, and the opportunity to see and feel the knottiness of wood, its grain, and its natural tones is a big deal. This helps to keep the textures of a variety of woods (pine, oak, walnut, birch, to name just a few) separate, individual, and interesting. This particular piece is a natural walnut live edge with a local artisan Eden Oaks.

Non-shiny metal

rustic home

Rustic style isn’t about shine and sparkle; it’s about the true grit of nature. Think rusted metal industrial hardware, this adds an old-time feeling to a rustic setting.

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