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Shiplap Makes Its Way to Fort Collins

Shiplap Makes Its Way to Fort Collins

By Associates in Building + Design
Published June 21, 2018

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ShiplapShiplap is a wooden board that’s used for building sheds, barns, and other buildings that desire a rustic look. Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, who happen to love farmhouse styles, shiplap has finally made its way to Fort Collins. This unique look was originally incorporated in beach house and cottage designs, as well as farmhouses, but now people everywhere are using it to add a little rustic charm to any room in their home.

From previous work with our clients, our ABD team has seen shiplap used as raw wood and as a stained design. Many of our clients are using black stained shiplap on their walls, as well as their ceilings. We have also seen it in kitchens paired with marble countertops, and it looks phenomenal.

Shiplap paneling can instantly add texture and rusticity to any focal point in any room. What makes this versatile material so popular is the distinctive appearance, affordability and durability. Commonly known for being used on the exterior of the home, shiplap is being seen more on interior finishes. Thanks to its tight seal, it can prevent water from seeping through the boards and can easily dry out, unlike other materials such as drywall. Here are a few ways we are seeing shiplap being used in Fort Collins.

On One Wall                                                       

One of the many traits people love about shiplap is its versatility. It does not have to fill an entire room to create a stunning look. Try using it on the headboard wall of a bedroom with the other walls painted for contrast. It can also be used as an accent wall in other rooms such as the dining room, living room and hallway.

Smaller Spaces

Breakfast and reading nooks are often small spaces intended to create a cozy area of escape. Shiplap can make these spaces even more inviting and add a bright touch to the corner. The lost space under the stirs is always a cozy nook looking for an inviting hue. Mudrooms are also in-style this season and worthy of an upgrade. Shiplap walls with built-in cubies are the perfect layout for this hardworking transitional space in your home.


Farmhouse style kitchens are warm, cheerful and evoke happiness to everyone who enters. A crisp white shiplap on the walls with just the right finish is sure to wow your guests! To make things better, shiplap is practical and easy to clean. We also commonly see stained shiplap in the kitchen to help create an individual look that the client was hoping for.  


Shiplap gives the perfect casual look for bathrooms. There are several ways to go about adding shiplap to bathrooms. An overall design works best on a smaller guest bath, but for larger rooms, an all-over design may be too much. Adding the popular matte black trim and fixtures to with shiplap walls will create an elegant appeal. Mixing shiplap with neutral colors and subtle textures will give your bathroom style and charm.

Shiplap is Here to Stay

As one of the hottest trends in wall decoration, shiplap has landed in Fort Collins and is here to stay. This hot trend hit big during the 90’s and due to its longevity and timeless look, shiplap has made its mark in the design world.

If you’re looking to remodel or build a custom home in Fort Collins using shiplap, give our ABD team a call at 970-225-2323 or visit