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Spring into Remodeling Projects

Spring into Remodeling Projects

By Associates in Building + Design
Published March 17, 2017

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Johnson Styve after While spending most of the cold winter days indoors, homeowners start realizing what needs an update or just a fresh, new look. Spring is a perfect season to engage in remodeling projects! The nice weather helps to keep projects on time, tax returns help with budgeting, appointments are more flexible and whether you want to be home or take a vacation during the remodel, spring break is always an option. Open the doors, breathe in the fresh air and let’s get started on those home improvements.

With a spring refresh on our minds, we found that the most popular remodeling projects that take place in spring are in the kitchen and outdoor living areas.

  • Kitchen – Kitchens are the most-used and hardest working spaces in the home and for many households, they are often the center of the home with the most foot traffic. Spring vacations are the perfect time to update the kitchen because of the inconvenience that it creates. Kitchen remodeling trends tend to focus on practical, durable projects like re-facing kitchen cabinets, adding granite countertops and commercial-style appliances and mixing colors and tones of cabinets to create a unique look.
  • Patio – People use patios for a variety of things, but most importantly, it is an extension of an indoor living space to the outdoors that fits the homeowner’s personal preferences. The beauty of a patio is not only the flexibility it offers to homeowners, but the improvement it makes on the home’s visual appearance as well. The patio can be an inviting focal point for guests hanging out during the warmer weather months or it can be a safe haven and quiet escape for homeowners. Based on the wants and needs of the homeowner, this space can easily become enclosed or form a complete sunroom or screen room addition.
  • Deck – Nothing says relaxation like a beautiful deck. Whether it’s used for lying out in the sunshine or for entertaining guests with a cookout, this area should be designed to match your home and lifestyle. Decks are often the one place that weather damage and foot traffic shows the most. There are various materials that can be used when building or remodeling a deck that all require different levels of maintenance, cleaning and care throughout their life, giving homeowners a variety of price points and style options to select from.

If this is the year you finally commit to a kitchen or outdoor area makeover, then our team at ABD has the expertise and experience to make your dream remodel a reality. The professionals on staff can offer fresh ideas, anticipate restrictions and deal with unusual problems. No idea is too far-fetched and no job is too small or large. Blindly getting into any home remodeling project is not only intimidating, but dangerous. Our in-house team provides design, estimating and project management, ensuring a comprehensive residential remodeling plan and a completed project based on your aspirations, guaranteeing your satisfaction. To learn more about ABD and our services, visit or call 970-225-2323.