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The Design + Build Process Step 1: Initial Consultation

The Design + Build Process Step 1: Initial Consultation

By Associates in Building + Design
Published February 23, 2016

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Initial Consultation in the design + build processAt Associates in Building + Design Ltd., we strive to save time and money throughout the course of every project without sacrificing quality. We’re able to do this through our unique combination of design and build services, which merges being a custom home builder, remodeler and interior designer into one cohesive company. This means clients don’t have to worry about the disconnect that is often experienced during construction or remodeling projects because of the use of outside vendors and contractors – we experience less mistakes, miscommunication, budgeting issues and ultimately client dissatisfaction thanks to our unique process.

Our design and build process has been refined throughout 25 years of business in Northern Colorado, and it includes a tried-and-true five-step process: consultation, conceptualization, collaboration, construction and completion.

The first step is the consultation, which includes the initial site visit. During this time, we work with each client to define the specific project and budget. The project consultant finds out what the client’s needs are and what is and is not working for them in their current space. A design agreement is then created to outline the course needed to develop the project, whether that includes custom architectural plans, an interior design consultation, construction plan or all of these services combined.

Throughout our design and build process, our team gives each client their undivided attention, guidance and direction, while also being sure to take the client’s needs and vision into careful consideration. Clients can rest-assured knowing that we have systems in place to keep the project on schedule and on budget, and they will have a contractor team whose focus is the timely completion of the project and complete client satisfaction.

Overall, it’s important for clients to remember that one of the main benefits of using a design and build firm is that it’s cost-effective by combining all of the services into one cohesive project. Our team is available to answer questions and provide more detailed information on the services we offer. To contact us, call our office at 970-225-2323, email us at, or fill out our online contact form here.