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The Design + Build Process Step 4: Construction

The Design + Build Process Step 4: Construction

By Associates in Building + Design
Published July 28, 2016

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New ConstructionStep 4 in our one-of-a-kind design + build process is perhaps one of the most exciting, because clients are finally able to see the tangible efforts of all the planning that goes into steps 1 through 3! After the initial consultation, conceptualization and collaboration steps, the construction process begins.

Once the construction agreement is signed, the Associates in Building + Design team continues collaborating as it moves the project from the design stage to construction. The project manager communicates and schedules all of the phases of the project, while also being sure to answer any questions or concerns as they come up. The project manager is also personally responsible for supervising all staff, trade partners and vendors to ensure that the project schedule and quality stays high while also respecting and protecting the client’s home.

By having such an efficient, streamlined process, ABD is able to ensure that each project is smoothly coordinated from start to finish. This unique process also allows us to save time and money without sacrificing quality and consistency.

After the construction phase is complete, just one step remains in the design + build process. Stay tuned to our blog to learn about the final step in the process. For more information about any of our services or to talk with a design + build professional, fill out our contact us form here. Or, call 970-225-2323 or email