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The Magical Rose Manor Home in Greely is Complete

The Magical Rose Manor Home in Greely is Complete

By Associates in Building + Design
Published February 22, 2018

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Rose Manor kitchenToday’s homeowners appreciate the good bones of historic homes, but sometimes these exquisite homes need to be updated to suit contemporary life. In this particular home, the kitchen was outdated and lacked an adequate ventilation system, and the existing bedrooms were not meant for a married couple. The owners knew that Rose Manor was special, unique and magical, but also dysfunctional in areas – which is why our team at ABD was called in.

Built in 1979, Rose Manor was a custom split-level home that was purchased by a retired professional plasterer in 1991. He remodeled the home to resemble a Tudor cottage and conducted historically accurate extensions to make rooms bigger. He also plastered walls to resemble old stonework, turned the basement into an English Pub and remodeled the Master Suite in Art Deco Style. Adding to the elegant, historical charm, the owner also used plaster roses, faux stonework, coffered ceiling and an eight-sided turreted breakfast nook with a wattle and daub ceiling.

Kathy Egan then purchased Rose Manor in 2006 and slowly began upgrading everything from the furnace and air conditioning unit to the roof, paint and flooring. In 2017, she called our ABD team to help with a kitchen and octagonal breakfast nook remodel. Her plans were to completely gut and modernize the rooms. At the same time, we also combined two small bedrooms to make a junior master suite with his-and-hers closets and updated the master suite bathroom.

“ABD’s remodel was to adapt the house to be shared with my adult daughter and her husband,” stated Egan. “Our objective was to blend the old with the new and express our style while honoring the Tudor-inspired creations made by the previous owner.”

The goal for the homeowners was to have a home that resembled an English Manor house that had beenRose Manor bath gradually remodeled by different generations. Here are details on our remodel to Rose Manor:

  • The master bathroom was transformed to match the Art Deco theme of the bedroom, the owner’s favorite architectural period. A simple redo of the existing space transformed it into a “jewel box” retreat.’
  • The combined second master bedroom will be decorated as mid-century modern and is a work in progress.
  • The kitchen has echoes of a 1930’s kitchen, while the dining room has a turn-of-the-century inspiration with coffered ceilings as the primary accent.
  • The team plans to ‘upgrade’ the English pub in the basement to make space work effectively. Like the other remodels the concept is there but the mechanics of the existing space do not work.

The laundry room and downstairs bathroom were previously remodeled with a mermaid theme. “We did NOT work with ABD on those projects, and we are still redoing and repairing the mistakes that were made,” Egan stated. When asked how the process was when working with our ABD team, Egan replied, “The first three words that pop into my head are creative, quality and experience.” She goes on to describe the sales and design process. “Mark was great. Specifically, he was detailed, hit every deadline and described the processes with about 95 percent accuracy.” Of course, there are some mishaps that can take place during a remodel, but overall, they were minor details.

However, not all mishaps are unacceptable. “ABD came up with things I could never have imagined,” said Egan. “ At first, I didn’t under the ‘why’ behind some of the changes that were proposed, but now that they are complete, the reality has brought benefits that I didn’t anticipate.” Due to the changes our team suggested, the workflow in the kitchen has changed and has lightened the load to a minimum. “I’m glad I listened to the professionals and stepped out in faith on a few things.”

During the actual remodel process, Lead Carpenter Mike was on site every day. “Mike’s skills on doing the detail work were fantastic,” Egan proclaimed. The true hero of the project according to Egan was Heather, our general manager and interior designer. “We have tried and tried to find designers, but most of them had their vision and couldn’t understand or accept our vision,” Egan explained. “Heather was absolutely fabulous; she understood our design esthetic and goals. When the project stumbled, Heather was my rock. If I let her know something was wrong, she tackled the problem, wrestled it to the ground and fixed it.”

“Overall, the work is perfect, the design is BRILLIANT and it is changing the way we live our daily lives for the better. Thank you ABD!” stated Egan.

At ABD, we pride ourselves on listening to our client’s individual needs and bringing their ideas to life. To learn about what we can do for you, contact us today at 970-225-2323.